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The main company office is located in Dnieper; the city is the center of the space industry of Ukraine. There are several technical universities that train highly qualified specialists. Therefore, we don’t have problems with the personnel, the best engineers and analysts work in our company. Their efforts help to implement projects and alerting systems for more than 15 years, making cities and business safer and protecting the population from many threats.

  • The work on the creation of automated systems for early detection of emergency situations and alerting are performed on a turnkey basis including the design, implementation and subsequent maintenance.
  • All necessary licenses, required by the legislation, are provided for the  implementation of activities. The employees have appropriate permissions and approvals, access to the state secrets.
  • The head of the company is the author of 7 inventions in the field of technological safety and the transmission of alert messages.


The company’s scientific and production activities are based on close cooperation with leading institutions and organizations in this area:

SSES of Ukraine, Ministry of Natural Resources;

Ministry of Defense and  National Academy of Science of Ukraine:

Ukrainian Research Institute of Civil Protection;

Kharkov Research Institute of Environmental Problems;

State establishment “Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”;

The company of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences “Research Institute of Innovative Construction”.


The company has repeatedly become the winner of specialized competitions for the best products in the field of civil protection, held by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the framework of the international specialized “Protection Technologies” exhibition forums.


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The efforts of our team are aimed to inform and to protect the civilian population timely. We analyze a huge amount of data to prevent any emergencies that threaten human life and health.
Our systems are ready for any challenges.


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